Friday, June 19, 2015

{Guest Post} Build on the Light: Illuminating Ruminations after the 6th week of the Master Jesus Meditation

{Guest Post - Jessica Basista}

This past Jesus meditation was eye opening for me.

Running the gold pyramid light through our chakras really forced me to look at how I actually see myself energetically.
I realized I saw myself as some kind of empty vessel, before God light and earth energy came in; every time.

As if I couldn't or shouldn't already be illuminate energy always.

As if I were only crystals that reflected the light, not light itself.

This energetic realization caused quite a stir.
I began to question..
Who am I really,
and how am I different from God?

On Wednesday evening in Seattle, I don't know if you saw it, there was probably the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.
It was fucking dynamic, and you can bet I was running those colors.

Near the end of the sunset, I began verbally speaking to the sun.
You know, things like.. "thank you for this lovely day," "you are so beautiful," "see you tomorrow," etc.
At the end of my prayers, my wife said "without the sun, we are nothing."

And then, everything clicked into place.

At their base, my chakras, they are crystals.
Earth cosmic energy power-houses.

But not only that. There is more.

I allow God light in,
and I have my own.

Before, I believed I was cleaning *everything* out,
allowing God energy to replace my own,
and when it left I went dark, to a certain extent.

The secret here, I'm coming to understand,
is to build on the light...
to allow the light to grow on what I've got.

Like the earth's sun encourages the grass to grow.
The grass is the sun, but it is also its own lush self.

I've known this all intellectually, and even spiritually, at times.

But I forget.

I'm posting this in hopes that it will help you remember your own beauty, too.

Shine on, friends.

{Guest Post - Jessica Basista}

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1 comment:

  1. Bless your heart, dear Jessica!!
    This is Brilliant


    Jesus said -
    you are the Light of the World.
    Jesus said -
    out of you will flow Rivers of Living Water.

    At a certain point in our spiritual journey
    we find that we don't just "let in the Light,"
    we ARE the LIGHT
    ... and we share the Light

    Beautifully done, thank you.
    You are a joy to me and a blessing in our community

    Thanks for reminding me of my own beauty and light
    ...very often
    : ) Wendy