Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We Die and we Rise to New Life: our Soul Journey as Disciples of Jesus (Radio Show: Master Jesus for ALL)

March 24, 2015
Host: Dr. Pat Baccili; Guest: Wendy R. Wolf
1 hour

If you just want to just re-arrange chairs on the Titanic,
then just keep doing what you are doing.
But, if you want to turn the Titanic
- big change is in order.

That is gonna take some ego-death,
some changes in how you BE and what you DO.

Jesus is a really great friend to have for that process.
The Dying and Rising part of following Jesus,
is hard it's true,
but really it's a huge Gift of Letting Go.

Surrendering, is Key.

Many Religious folks want us to believe
following God means being Good and staying out of trouble;
but really it is the opposite:

God doesn't play by our rules, or any rules.
So, following God's leading sends us on a collision course with the tyrants of our inner and our outer world.

Following Jesus requires willingness
- we can't just go on automatic pilot.

Operating from spiritual leading rather than physical info and habits, is a big shift.
But it is well-worth paying attention,
amazing stuff happens in our lives, and the world around us.

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