Tuesday, April 7, 2015

{Guest Post} Glad to find that I was wrong

{Guest Post - Jessica Basista}

Ten years ago, I had a vivid and profound dream
in which I won a contest to speak directly with God in person.

In my dream, God was located across the world,
and I was asked to transverse landscapes which were confusing
- to travel through countries in which the inhabitants did not speak my language.

I did not know the customs,
I could not read the traffic signs, and
I certainly did not know where I was going or how I would get there.

I relied heavily on my intuition,
and at the end of a complex and long winded adventure,
I came to God's front door.

I hesitated, knocked, heard a boisterous voice shout "Come in!" and so I did.
There was intense light, encompassing love, and amusement.
I woke up to the sound of God laughing.

I assumed that this dream was a symbol of my life path,
and that the ending door was my death,
and only after would I be able to fully interact with God.

How glad I have been to find that I was wrong.

Interacting with Jesus through the inner tools taught by Wendy
has been a large part of my opening to the idea of
a currently accessible and knowable higher consciousness.

Through meditation, I'm beginning to see the spiritual connection
between living things, the earth, and God.

Each piece relies on the other.
Healing one piece heals all of the pieces.
In this way, our healing raises the vibration of the earth, ourselves, and the cosmos.

Way back in the day, Jesus lived on this earth as a human,
and yet, mirrored God.
We can also be this way.

Through the tools,
Jesus can show us how he connected to source, and the earth.

Each of us will experience this in a unique way,
in the way that each individual soul needs to experience it,
therefore there isn't a right or wrong answer.

Even silence is a gift.

Through this, we learn a new way of being.
This is not simply imitation.
This is integration.

With integration comes true change, growth, and healing.
You can deeply change and heal the world,
simply by raising your own conscious voice,
and by being yourself. 

{Guest Post - Jessica Basista}

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