Monday, April 13, 2015

{Guest Post} A beautiful spiritual relationship

When I was a student of Wendy R Wolf I learnt to match. Matching is a process in which a meditator intentionally mirrors a high-consciousness spirit; their energetic channels, their chakras, etc. This creates an example for the humble meditator to follow. The benefit is that the meditator can find ease and a little extra gas in their tank shall we say to take the meditation to new heights. One of the spirits who I enjoy working with most is Jesus. For the last four years matching him has enriched my life in an ever evolving way.

Initially, I found this technique completely new and disorienting. I had no previous Christian affiliation, however I had grown up in a society that gave me certain perceptions of Jesus. These perceptions were less-than stellar. Fortunately I quickly overcame what mental obstacles I had to the task and opened up to a beautiful spiritual relationship that has helped me open new doors in my consciousness and my life in the “real-world.” What I find through matching Jesus is a personal and true knowing of who he is, and what he can and will bring into my life if I arrive asking for guidance.

This has been a wonderful development in my life, as now whenever I hear his name I know what and who he is. I won’t share what I have learned about him here, because this is a personal journey I never could have understood from reading about it on a blog. I'll just say that I’m grateful for this tremendously helpful and accessible tool which assists me to achieve my spiritual goals, and that I am happy to hear that it is becoming more accessible to more peace-seekers through this website and this teacher Wendy.

Light and peace to all on the path of goodness and health. 
(Guest Post - Ryan Glassmoyer}

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