Tuesday, April 7, 2015

{Guest Post} Not superficial change

{Guest Post - Jessica Basista}

Working with the tools and Jesus has taught me much about myself.
Before I began using these tools,
I was deeply anxious, depressed, and generally unhappy with my life.

It was difficult to see the good, even when I was so obviously surrounded by it.
My voice was buried underneath all of the "shoulds" the "could haves"
and I carried around copious amounts of shame, guilt, and fear.

Jesus taught me to be with what is.

I still feel fear.
Using the tools learned, I feel like I have a better grasp on how to approach it.
Jesus taught me to speak to fear, look it in the eyes, and see what it wants.

Most of the time, for me, fear just wants to live.
The visual I see of this is a monster with an ever growing mouth,
and the need to consume.

Working with meditation, grounding, connecting with source, and being in neutrality,
I can see fear for the lie that it is in my space.
Fear is fueled by past voices - those of family, friends, foes, and society in general that have at times unconsciously programmed me to believe less of myself, causing suffering and pain.

There are many, many ways to be in the world,
and at times I believe we as humans forget.

We get stuck in ruts and patterns that no longer serve us.
We live along on auto pilot.
We can learn to let these patterns go, if we choose to.

Learning the tools has taught me about a new way to be in the world.
I believe the tools should be shared and taught to us as children
- as a proactive and positive way to interact with everyday situations and emotions.

Instead of masking and hiding how we feel, sometimes even to ourselves,
it could be beneficial to instill a sense of playful curiosity
around what sometimes seems like a serious subject.

The tools encourage and invite us to try on new ways of being,
to reinvent ourselves by observing deeply our own thoughts, actions, and behaviors
unencumbered by other peoples voices.

This is not superficial change.
It is transformative, real, and at times it can be intense.
This process is also beautiful, hard, shockingly insightful, and worth it.

{Guest Post - Jessica Basista}

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